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Professional gun dog training service 
Est. 2003
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Run by David Myers

Welcome to Bottlingwood Gundogs

Bottlingwood gundogs offer one to one and group tuition for gundogs of all levels.

We are within easy reach from the North West counties of Lancashire, Merseyside and Cheshire. Just ten minutes from Carr Mill on the A580 - Junction 26 M6 - Junction 3 M58.

For any further information about the training service we offer, rabbit pen hire or to ask our advice about your dog’s training, just give us a call. Thank you!






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Choosing a breed of gun dog should be thought through thoroughly before you go to look at any litters, part or fully trained dogs. Firstly it is important to understand what individual gun dog breeds are used for and what you expect the dog to do for you. There is no perfect breed of gun dog but you do need to know the breeds common use and characteristics hence what to expect from your choice or preference of gun dog breed.
When it comes to gun dogs, spaniels or retrievers are a much sounder option. Spaniels will suit those looking for a rough shooting dog or all rounder and a retrievers are a better choice for those who require a peg dog or simply enjoy picking up. Both breeds of gun dog are well suited to run in either working tests or field trials. Out of the two breeds in the UK Springer spaniels, Cocker spaniels and Labradors are the most popular.

Let us now assume you have found the right breed of gun dog to suit you. When selecting a puppy, look at them as a group and watch how they interact with each other. Then take them out individually and look for the one that wants to be with you the most. Remember, you are looking for a new companion to play a role in your life, an instant bond with you speaks volumes. Roll a sock to see if any of the puppies are interested or retrieve on instinct, if so it will help you narrow your choice down to one or two.

When choosing a part or trained gun dog, something to bear in mind is that in most cases the dog will have both good and bad habits. Any reputable trainer should be comfortable to show you the level of the dog’s training and answer any questions you may have. Make sure, you ask to be given a full demonstration of what the dog can do before you part with your money.

We feed and recommend

Rabbit pen hire

The rabbit pen is the best way to produce multiple contact flushes in order to steady a dog quickly. It is a great asset to training as it allows the handler to introduce a young dog to hunt, find and flush game within a controlled environment. It can also be used to correct faults such as chasing and other bad habits.