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Professional gun dog training service 
Est. 2003
	T	el: 07974 22 66 38

One to one and group tuition is available weekdays and weekends at our on site training ground.
We asses the nature, temperament and stage of each dog’s training in order to form an general account of the dog’s individual training needs before training begins. The basic foundations must be in place in order to move forward with your dogs training. Confidence building within our training program plays a key role, helping dogs perform to the best of their abilities while building a mutual trust between the dog and handler. All of these factors are essential in order to have success in developing your dogs working ability to a high level of training.

Below are just some of the key steps covered in each stage of training we offer.

Socialisation and Humanising

Introduction to retrieving

Early obedience

Walk on the lead


Sit and stay

Stop whistle, recall whistle

Steady to thrown dummy

Introduction to shot

Retrieve cold and warm game


Introduction to the gun


Introduction to blinds
Introduction to game


Handling on to blinds
Handling over jumps


Taking a line
Steady to game


Getting the most from your gun dog!