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Professional gun dog training service 
Est. 2003
	T	el: 07974 22 66 38

A brief description about us and what we have to offer!

About Bottlingwood Gundogs

Bottlingwood Gundogs is a professional gun dog training service, run by David Myers.
David has trained gun dogs since the 1990's, he turned professional in 2003 and over the last 10 years has bred and trained both working and field trial dogs, producing stylish, hard hunting winners and top quality dogs from his Bottlingwood line. David has judged in both the UK and Europe. Just recently in May 2013 he judged the National Championship group 8 by kind invitation of the R.C.I.

Bottlingwood gundogs is located close to the small village of Kings Moss on the Lancashire Merseyside border, North West England. We are lucky enough to have an on site training ground surrounded by beautiful countryside with a variety of training environments to cover most aspects of gun dog training, for example, meadowland, woodland, rabbit pen, safe fences and water.

For any further information or to ask any advice about your dog's training, just give call us call...


Our bloodline

Over the past ten years, we have practiced a carefully thought out breeding plan, producing field trail and working dogs here in the UK for ourselves and others, also exporting our dogs to Europe, Canada and America.

Our passion and enthusiasm for dogs, drives us on to new goals. Our main aim is to preserve the present and future standards of the Bottlingwood line within the gun dog world.


How we do things



Carla Ferraria. Italy

I met David in Lajatico a beautiful little town near Pisa in Tuscany, Italy, where he held a training course following the invitation of the Working Italian Retrievers Club. In addition to his training methods, I noticed that he had a deep knowledge of dogs. The exercises he devised for us were clear and well set so that handler and dog were able to concentrate and succeed and by consequence learn exactly what was expected from the dog and also improve the ways in which to train. We also learned to trust our dogs and he constantly advised us on handling.

Bryan Miller. USA

David I appreciate you sharing your training methods with me. It was good to see your methods compared to training in the Untied States. I was impressed with the rapport you had with all the dogs. They were all well mannered, eager to please and had a healthy respect for you as a handler. I believe you have a special gift as a trainer and am confident that anyone that brings a dog to you to develop as a working companion or field trial dog will be pleased with the results.

Nerina Aureli. Italy

I met David Myers 6 years ago, during a training course in Italy. During this time I had the opportunity to appreciate his enthusiasm, his understanding and above all his experience with dogs.

At that time my young bitch was seventeen months old and as many young gundogs are she was always very excited during work. David helped me a lot by finding the right way to put me and my dog in the condition to reach the result we wanted to achieve.

By the end of the three days my bitch was another dog, calm, steady and controlled during work. Every training course is usually a fantastic experience, but  meeting with David was very special, because with his advice he taught me more than simple exercises, he taught me how to be confident with my dog, how to put her in the condition to trust me and how to improve the training step by step with patience and determination.

A few words from our international friends…

At Bottlingwood gundogs, we take care to make people feel welcome and fully explain our methods to make them easy to learn.

Firstly, we make an assessment of the nature, temperament and stage of each dogs training, Next we set out our easy to follow training plan for the handler to follow. We are always available to our clients by phone if help or advice needed about their dog’s training.

What you get out of gun dog training is what you put in to it. Hard work, time, dedication and most of all, right method to suit your dog.